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Snacking at the Office

Let’s be honest, you put in a lot of time at work. You, no doubt, make sure you have a breakfast as you run out the door and hopefully you... Continue Reading

Kettlebells: A New Best Friend

If you have not had the opportunity to incorporate kettlebells into an exercise routine yet, you could be missing out on an extremely valuable piece of equipment. Great for multiple... Continue Reading

Hunt for Fitness

Easter is right around the corner, and while we may have plans on top of plans with family and close ones, our fitness routine does not have to be put... Continue Reading

Before Bed Snacks

I am sure that we all have been guilty of having a midnight snack once or twice. But what if a little snack before bed isn’t such a bad thing.... Continue Reading

Get Your Squat On!

Looking to build up those leg muscles? Squats are the way to go!  Squats increase your quadricep, hamstring, and calf muscles, and have also been credited to improve the muscles... Continue Reading

Strengthening Our Lower Body

We have all seen people at the gym only focusing on their biceps, chest and abs, but completely ignoring their lower body. The internet is full of inside jokes about... Continue Reading

March Madness

March is an exciting time for college basketball fans, but we can use this month to prepare us for the quickly approaching spring and summer seasons. Before we know it,... Continue Reading